Greetings! If you have made it to my website, it is likely that you are preparing for an important life change.  It could be the criminal consequences from a poor decision or the protection of your family and your assets if something were to happen to you. I am in the business of helping my clients navigate some of the most stressful times in their lives.  Whether it is criminal charges or the need for a will or power of attorney, the advice you receive now can impact you and your family for decades to come.  I take great pride in knowing that what I do has a huge impact on my clients happiness and their sense of security.  There are many attorneys out there who practice law but there are not many attorneys that care about each and every client they represent.  I approach all matters with the current knowledge, sharpened skills and disciplined expertise that will acheive the best possible outcome for you. If this is the type of help you want for some of the most important decisions in your life, then I invite you to contact my office for a free initial consultation regarding your specific situation. This website’s disclaimers are conveniently located here.