Do you have that sinking feeling in your  stomach from seeing red & blue lights in  your rearview? Did you come through a  checkpoint at a bad time? Do you drive for  a living and have actions pending against  your CDL? These are just some of the  situations that come up in traffic law that  could result in higher insurance rates, loss  of driving priveleges and loss of income.  You need someone who knows the law! Did the war on drugs hit a little too close to  home? Do you have Driving Under the  Influence charges? Wether it’s losing your  right to vote or losing the right to own a  gun, the consequences of these charges  will follow you for the rest of your life. I have helped many people avoid prolonged  consequences from alcohol and drug  charges. From bar brawls to felons-in-posession,  there are many situations that result in  criminal charges. It is important to have  someone looking out for you that  understands and is skilled in navigating the  criminal system. Sometimes life suprises us  and bad things happen to good people. I  can help you minimize the damage from  unfortunate situations.